Contributing to national health promotion and strengthening national competitiveness.

Welcome to the Korea Smart Healthcare Association web site!

‘Smart healthcare’ refers to the combination of healthcare with the core technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution such as the Internet of Things(IoT), Cloud computing, Big data, and Artificial Intelligence(AI), representing industries that cover information, devices, systems and platforms about individuals’ health and medical service.

Many governments and global enterprises all over the world are active in embracing the ever-developing information technology and aggressively expanding their presence in relevant businesses aiming to take the lead in these new healthcare industries driven by demands for reductions in medical expenses and increasing interests in personal health promotion.

In concerted efforts of its members that include business, academic circles, medical institutions and research institutes, the association is devoted to playing leading roles in the global trend of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, vitalizing smart healthcare in Korea and contributing to the development the national economy.

In doing so, the association will develop key strategies for foundation building, policy development, public relations and overseas advancement and ensure that these strategies lead to concrete outcomes.

I look forward to your continued interest and support. Thank you.